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Justin Displays was born out of the need for a dealer that specialized in 1/64 farm toy display supplies and materials.

With the transition of 1/64 farm toy collecting going from traditional shelf collecting to that of a hobby of highly detailed displays, farm toy collectors were left scouring the internet and hobby stores to find the supplies needed to craft their displays.

We have done the work for you.

Through a wide variety of suppliers, we offer a wide range of the highest quality of supplies for you to use on your display. By purchasing large quantities we are able to secure the best price possible on our product and we pass these savings on to you. The company is owned and operated by Justin and Julie Lockwood. Justin began collecting farm toys in 1976.  Ten years later he married his high school sweetheart, Julie.  With her enabling Justin’s addiction, they began selling farm toys in the late 80’s. After 30 years of buying and selling farm toys at several shows in multiple states and the increased popularity of online selling it was time for a change.  While Justin continues to add to his three thousand piece collection, he has also entered into the farm toy display world. Through his own displaying, judging the National Farm Toy Show Display Contest twice, and hosting a display contest at the Cowboy Country Farm Toy Show, Justin has gained a circle of friends that are some of the premiere farm toy displayers in the world. Relying on their expertise in material selection has been key in helping develop a business that caters to farm toy displayers.  Justin’s brother, Shawn, began Lockwood Angus Farm and Ranch Toys which specializes in custom 1/64 cattle and hay equipment. You will usually find the two set up beside each other at farm toy shows.

Justin Displays sells at select farm toy shows and online. We both have full-time jobs in addition to our hobby, so emails and calls will be responded to in the evenings or on weekends.  Check back often as new products are being added to the website weekly.

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